What Are Bridal Sessions and Why Should You Do One? - Demi & Vince - Bridal Session at Minnewaska State Park

I so frequently get the question..."what exactly is a bridal session?" So let me first describe the process of bridal portraits on the wedding day.

Bridal portraits on the wedding day:

On the wedding day you have two options - first look or no first look? Either way you only have a small window of time to take your photos. On the wedding day you're dealing with bridesmaid malfunctions or groomsmen being late. Or maybe you just don't feel 100% from the lack of sleep. When we take your bridal portraits, there is a time constraint. You have to be somewhere at a certain time and your guests are relying on you to party. This is why bridal sessions are so important!! I'll elaborate below.

Bridal Session on a separate day:

You know when you see those beautiful wedding photos on the top of a mountain? Or a couple running through some sand dunes? Or in the waves of the ocean? 80% of the time that was NOT their wedding day! It's a bridal session! We bring a bottle of champagne, pick a dope ass spot and make some magic! This all occurs without the hassle of having to stick to a schedule or listen to a million people calling your name. 

Misconceptions about the wedding day:

"omg but everyone is going to see my dress before the big day and it's going to ruin my wedding day!"

FALSE. Bridal sessions aren't even shared before the wedding day unless you give me permission to or unless you post them! Also- you've already shown all your friends your dress and your partner has DEFINITELY seen it hanging in the closet. If you don't want anyone seeing your dress, you don't have to wear your dress! Get a white dress!

"A bridal session will make my wedding photos less important."

FALSE. NOTHING and I mean NOTHING can replace your wedding day photos. The excitement on your faces is like nothing else and you can't possibly replace that feeling. A bridal session is just meant to accent your wedding photos, not replace them.

"I'm not even going to use the bridal session photos."

You can hang your bridal session photos at the wedding, use them as table numbers, make a book for your guest book and you can use them for your thank you cards!

Take a look at Demi & Vince's bridal session and see for yourself!