Jess & James - Engagement Shoot at Storm King Mountain

Jess and James spent a gorgeous cool summer night with me at Storm King Mountain and the Moodna Viaduct for their engagement session. I got to meet Blitz and Thor - these two BEAUTIFUL pups and of course..take photos of their parents. We started with Storm King and finished at the Moodna Viaduct for a gorgeous gleaming sunset. I hope you enjoy scrolling through!

Kyra & Sam - Sunrise Engagement Session in Cold Spring, NY

Kyra and Sam were brave and woke up at the butt crack of dawn for a sunrise engagement session in Cold Spring, NY. The fog rolled in on the Hudson and boy oh boy was it beautifully moody. Seagulls circled us (gross) which looked adorable in photos. I may or may not have been ducking like a coward every five seconds but it’s okay. Then we headed to the streets of Cold Spring. Check out this cuteness!

Meghan & Brian - Engagement Session at Minnewaska State Park

Meghan and Brian had their engagement session at Minnewaska Falls in May. We ate a LOT of bugs. I’m talking I had to photoshop at least 40 bugs out of almost every image. It was INSANE. But all week it had rained and then it stopped just in time for us to do their engagement session. We saw about a million tadpoles and pollywogs in the lake and the falls were RUSHING for these two!

Sasha & Taylor - Engagement Session at Vanderbilt Mansion

Sasha and Taylor had their engagement session at Vanderbilt Mansion in Hyde Park, NY. They had beautiful weather and an even more epic sunset. I mean LOOK AT THOSE SUNSET PHOTOS. These two stunners were looking for a more elegant vibe and I think they knocked it out of the park. What do you think?

Steph & Pete - Engagement Session in Port Chester, NY

Steph and Pete had their engagement session all around Port Chester, NY. We started with their rooftop, then the church across the street, headed down to the train station where Pete commutes for work every day, and ended with a beautiful park. It was so much fun running around with these two! These two love birds are getting married next April and I couldn’t be more happy for them!

Tiffany & Garret - Sunrise Session at The Brooklyn Bridge / Dumbo

Today I’m throwing it back to this oldie, but goodie! Tiffany and Garret had their session at sunrise at the Brooklyn Bridge and surrounding Dumbo areas. These two cuties are from Utah and they were living in New York City for an internship! I’m so glad I got to meet these two and get to know them a little bit during their session in the big apple!

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Samantha & Zef - Engagement Session at Storm King Mountain

Throwing it back to the most beautiful time of the year in the Hudson Valley! Fall! These two love birds had their engagement session at two of my favorite places. Storm King Mountain and The Moodna Viaduct. And could it be ANY better that they brought along their adorable dog? I think not…

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Laura & Ben - Winter Engagement Session at Minnewaska State Park

Laura and Ben chose to have a winter engagement session at Minnewaska State Park. Laura had let me know that she had wanted to have an engagement session in the snow. When I saw the snow storm was coming I immediately emailed Laura and luckily she was available. If you know anything about the winter the Hudson Valley has been having…there’s not very much snow this year. And if we do get it…there’s random 60 degree days in the middle of winter. I only slipped and almost broke a bone once. However if you count the times I almost was about 100 times.

Samantha & Kieran - Engagement Session at Kaaterskill Falls

These two babes had their engagement session at Kaaterskill Falls. They are a perfect example of what you do when the forecast is rain on your big day! You rock with it anyway! We ended up still doing the session and it was barely misting and then by the end of the session it was clear skies! And the beautiful fall colors pop with all the moisture from the rain!

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Chloe & Daniel - Engagement Session at Warwick Winery

I’m throwing it back to this beautiful fall engagement session at Warwick Winery. It was super windy during their engagement shoot but we powered through! During their session a random horse emerged from the background and it was fully lit by the sun. I’ll never forget it because I straight up thought I was hallucinating or something. Until I looked at Chloe and Daniel and they looked just as confused 😂 

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Sarah & Steve - Engagement Session in Brooklyn, NY

Sarah & Steve have the most wild story. Imagine buying a ticket to NYC from Australia after having too much to drink. Not even knowing you purchased the ticket until the next day and then meeting the love of your life on said trip. Talk about DESTINY. It’s like straight out of a rom-com. If you know anything about me or any woman age 23-29…we eat shit like this UP. Sarah and Steve wanted a more industrial feel for their engagement session so we started off in Greenpoint, just outside of the green point loft and then we headed over to the waterfront park next door and jumped in an uber to Domino Square Park. If you haven’t been there before…it’s pretty much the definition of industrial chic. There’s an adorable little taco place, cute stairs to sit on, and a cute little water view. I loved photographing these two. They were so full of energy and truly a great time was had. I can’t wait for their wedding this July!!

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Kelly & Dom - In Home Engagement Session in Albany, NY

Kelly and Dom are not only super babes, but friends of mine! I first met Kelly in KINDERGARTEN! She’s one of my first friends I made on my own and I’m so glad we still keep in touch! When she said she wanted to do her session in their new house they bought with their adorable pups I OBVIOUSLY was all in! Not only did Kelly and I go to the same elementary school but we both ended up moving to Washingtonville around the same time as each other as well and graduated high school together. It’s not too often that I get to photograph someone that I actually knew and grew up with! Happy scrolling!

Nora & Ken - Engagement Session at Bushkill Falls

Nora & Ken had their engagement session at Bushkill Falls in Pennsylvania. Jeff and I quickly realized how out of shape we were when our thighs were burning about halfway through the hike. Don’t worry though…we rewarded ourselves with Wendy’s after the hike. 😂 These two love birds will be getting married at the Loeb Boathouse in September and I am freaking pumped to photograph it. We had so much fun getting a workout in and dancing around. Only a few more months until these two are dancing around in slightly more formal clothes!

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Rosanna & Jason - Engagement Session at Pepsi Cola Gardens

These two sweethearts are getting married this weekend! We did their engagement session in Purchase, NY at the Pepsi-Cola Gardens. We were so lucky and got to frolic around the cherry blossom trees and were hardly interrupted by anyone! I hope you enjoy scrolling through the photos!

Kim & Edwin - Engagement Session at Stonecrop Gardens

Kim and Edwin chose to do their engagement session at Stonecrop Gardens. We had so much fun running around and taking pictures in the gardens and greenhouses. From detail shots on succulents to dance sessions in gardens we did it all. I hope you enjoy looking at these photos as much as I loved taking them!