10 Things to Consider When Planning Your Wedding

Things to Consider When Planning Your Wedding:


When to Book Vendors:

Most vendors book up about a year to eighteen months in advance. Do NOT wait to book your dream vendors! With that being said..never be afraid to reach out if your wedding date is less than that because there’s always a chance we may not be booked and we’d love to work with you. You’re great! If you’re interested in someone - reach out! A lot of vendors will have cheaper rates as well if you reach out over a year in advance because their packaging will likely switch over at the start of each year!

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions:

You are spending a LOT of money on your wedding. Don’t be afraid to ask your vendors a million questions. We get you’re spending a lot of money and making a big decision. We’re happy to help you out!

Preferred Vendors:

Once you have booked a vendor don’t be afraid to ask them if they have other professionals they work with often that they can recommend. On the opposite side of that…don’t feel like you HAVE to book who they refer. I have clients that come to me fairly frequently that booked a photographer their venue recommended because they were told they were the best and they cancel their contract with them and come to me.

Once You Have Booked Your Vendors:


On the wedding day don’t forget to have your details ready! This way you don’t have to stop getting your hair and makeup done and there’s no stress for you. Details you may want to consider having ready are your dress, shoes, jewelry, perfume, something old, something borrowed, invites, and any other details you want photographed.


Shot List:

Don’t forget a shot list for your family photos!! It will stress you out so much during family photos if you’re stuck trying to think of all the groups of people you want photos with the day of. Send it over to me a few days before and I’ll screenshot it and save it to my phone.




Make sure you send all of your vendors the timeline of the day a few weeks in advance! Each vendor has a preference of when to arrive and almost everyone will help you make a timeline for their portion of the wedding they’re handling.


If you want sunset photos - make sure you plan that into your timeline! Very often your dj will schedule your first dance and what not right around sunset because they don’t know you planned on going outside for sunset and then I have to cut in and it may throw your timeline off a little.

Day of Coordinators:

If you’re worried about sticking to your timeline or having to oversee parts of your wedding day, you should consider hiring a coordinator. They will help you coordinate with all the vendors to make the schedule for the day and help make sure everyone is on the same page.

First Look vs. Traditional:

I personally have no preference on whether my clients have a first look or not but let me tell you about the benefits of a first look. The biggest reason to do a first look is COCKTAIL HOUR. Arguably the best food of the night and what you pay all the money for. Granted your venue will most likely set some aside for you, but that’s not the same. A first look is more intimate. You’re not worried about all the people staring at you - it’s just the two of you. It’s your only alone time. The entire day people will be bombarding you with questions, pictures, you name it. During the first look it’s just you two and your third wheeling photographer(me). Last benefit is you don’t have to deal with going through the cocktail hour trying to find your family and friends because everyone came early.

Unplugged Ceremonies:

Consider having an unplugged ceremony. If you don’t your photographers can miss shots and your ceremony will be a sea of cell phones. Photographers have missed so many important moments because someone stepped in the aisle with their cell phone or dslr.


Vendor Table:

Consider having a vendor table at your reception! Most venues place us in another room or even outside to eat. Not only is it a little cold, but we can’t hear what’s going on in the reception. If I’m in another room it’s possible I’ll miss shots during the wedding! If we have a vendor table we also have a place to put our stuff down instead of plopping it somewhere in everyone’s way.