Sarah & Steve - Engagement Session in Brooklyn, NY

Sarah & Steve have the most wild story. Imagine buying a ticket to NYC from Australia after having too much to drink. Not even knowing you purchased the ticket until the next day and then meeting the love of your life on said trip. Talk about DESTINY. It’s like straight out of a rom-com. If you know anything about me or any woman age 23-29…we eat shit like this UP. Sarah and Steve wanted a more industrial feel for their engagement session so we started off in Greenpoint, just outside of the green point loft and then we headed over to the waterfront park next door and jumped in an uber to Domino Square Park. If you haven’t been there before…it’s pretty much the definition of industrial chic. There’s an adorable little taco place, cute stairs to sit on, and a cute little water view. I loved photographing these two. They were so full of energy and truly a great time was had. I can’t wait for their wedding this July!!

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Nora & Ken - Engagement Session at Bushkill Falls

Nora & Ken had their engagement session at Bushkill Falls in Pennsylvania. Jeff and I quickly realized how out of shape we were when our thighs were burning about halfway through the hike. Don’t worry though…we rewarded ourselves with Wendy’s after the hike. 😂 These two love birds will be getting married at the Loeb Boathouse in September and I am freaking pumped to photograph it. We had so much fun getting a workout in and dancing around. Only a few more months until these two are dancing around in slightly more formal clothes!

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Katelyn & Randall - Wedding at Senate Garage

Katelyn & Randall got married at Senate Garage in Kingston, NY. They had a beautiful fall wedding at the end of September with the perfect weather and of course…the coolest people. These two babes had their first look outside in the gardens and then we jumped into formal portraits so they had plenty of time to party after the ceremony! I hope you enjoy flipping through their beautiful photos as much as I enjoyed taking them! As usual, the vendors are at the bottom!

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Venue: Senate Garage

Florist: Athabold

Coordinator: Lauren Pasternak Events





Band : Silver Arrow Band

Videographer: Gilifilms LLC

10 Things to Consider When Planning Your Wedding

Things to Consider When Planning Your Wedding:


When to Book Vendors:

Most vendors book up about a year to eighteen months in advance. Do NOT wait to book your dream vendors! With that being said..never be afraid to reach out if your wedding date is less than that because there’s always a chance we may not be booked and we’d love to work with you. You’re great! If you’re interested in someone - reach out! A lot of vendors will have cheaper rates as well if you reach out over a year in advance because their packaging will likely switch over at the start of each year!

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions:

You are spending a LOT of money on your wedding. Don’t be afraid to ask your vendors a million questions. We get you’re spending a lot of money and making a big decision. We’re happy to help you out!

Preferred Vendors:

Once you have booked a vendor don’t be afraid to ask them if they have other professionals they work with often that they can recommend. On the opposite side of that…don’t feel like you HAVE to book who they refer. I have clients that come to me fairly frequently that booked a photographer their venue recommended because they were told they were the best and they cancel their contract with them and come to me.

Once You Have Booked Your Vendors:


On the wedding day don’t forget to have your details ready! This way you don’t have to stop getting your hair and makeup done and there’s no stress for you. Details you may want to consider having ready are your dress, shoes, jewelry, perfume, something old, something borrowed, invites, and any other details you want photographed.


Shot List:

Don’t forget a shot list for your family photos!! It will stress you out so much during family photos if you’re stuck trying to think of all the groups of people you want photos with the day of. Send it over to me a few days before and I’ll screenshot it and save it to my phone.




Make sure you send all of your vendors the timeline of the day a few weeks in advance! Each vendor has a preference of when to arrive and almost everyone will help you make a timeline for their portion of the wedding they’re handling.


If you want sunset photos - make sure you plan that into your timeline! Very often your dj will schedule your first dance and what not right around sunset because they don’t know you planned on going outside for sunset and then I have to cut in and it may throw your timeline off a little.

Day of Coordinators:

If you’re worried about sticking to your timeline or having to oversee parts of your wedding day, you should consider hiring a coordinator. They will help you coordinate with all the vendors to make the schedule for the day and help make sure everyone is on the same page.

First Look vs. Traditional:

I personally have no preference on whether my clients have a first look or not but let me tell you about the benefits of a first look. The biggest reason to do a first look is COCKTAIL HOUR. Arguably the best food of the night and what you pay all the money for. Granted your venue will most likely set some aside for you, but that’s not the same. A first look is more intimate. You’re not worried about all the people staring at you - it’s just the two of you. It’s your only alone time. The entire day people will be bombarding you with questions, pictures, you name it. During the first look it’s just you two and your third wheeling photographer(me). Last benefit is you don’t have to deal with going through the cocktail hour trying to find your family and friends because everyone came early.

Unplugged Ceremonies:

Consider having an unplugged ceremony. If you don’t your photographers can miss shots and your ceremony will be a sea of cell phones. Photographers have missed so many important moments because someone stepped in the aisle with their cell phone or dslr.


Vendor Table:

Consider having a vendor table at your reception! Most venues place us in another room or even outside to eat. Not only is it a little cold, but we can’t hear what’s going on in the reception. If I’m in another room it’s possible I’ll miss shots during the wedding! If we have a vendor table we also have a place to put our stuff down instead of plopping it somewhere in everyone’s way.

Pamela & Nick - Wedding at The Brotherhood Winery

Pamela and Nick got married at the Brotherhood Winery in July. These two love birds had their first look at The Moodna Viaduct with their beautiful pup, Gretchen. Gretchen was hopping all around them in the grass and it was absolutely hilarious. Following their intimate first look we headed to the Brotherhood Winery for formal portraits. Following the portraits, Pamela and Nick had their ceremony outdoors and had the most beautiful weather. After the ceremony it was time to party!! I hope you enjoyed flipping through! As usual vendors are located at the bottom of the post!





Venue: The Brotherhood Winery

Dress: Tara Lauren



Florals: Flowers by David Anthony


Samantha & Sean - Wedding at Handsome Hollow

Sam and Sean had the most beautiful wedding at Handsome Hollow in Long Eddy, NY. The forecast for their wedding was rain, but all it did was sprinkle! The details were to die for and the venue was spectacular. 

Sam had gotten ready in the house on the property and Sean got ready in the barn with his guys. The bathroom in the house is to DIE for. And so is the living room area! Check it out!

Sam and Sean had their first look on the wrap around porch at the house so we didn't have to drag her dress through the wet grass.

These two had the most beautiful photos during their ceremony with the low hanging clouds from the rain. They also still got married outdoors even though it was sprinkling. They're proof that you can't let a little rain ruin your day!

After the ceremony we took bridal party photos in front of the barn and then went around the property a little bit. Check out those clouds in the woods!

After all the photos were done it was time to PARTYYYYY. During the reception we headed outdoors to get some photos under the lights and in the photo booth...of course! As usual the vendors are at the bottom of the page!


Venue: Handsome Hollow







Florist: Athabold


Photo booth: Rose & Dale Photo Co.

Kim & Edwin - Engagement Session at Stonecrop Gardens

Kim and Edwin chose to do their engagement session at Stonecrop Gardens. We had so much fun running around and taking pictures in the gardens and greenhouses. From detail shots on succulents to dance sessions in gardens we did it all. I hope you enjoy looking at these photos as much as I loved taking them!

In Home Elopement in Las Cruces Pt.2

This is my last blog post from New Mexico!! I'm so sad! I really can't thank Andrea and Stephanie enough for allowing me to be a part of such an amazing few days in New Mexico. I got to see a state I had never been to. Meet a bunch of photographers who I now consider to be friends and meet a bunch of hot people that were a pleasure to photograph. It was such a great experience!

If you haven't been to New Mexico you need to go like NOW! It's such a nice place and everyone was so sweet! And....Mexican food. I meaaaaaaan do you need another reason to go? As usual the vendors are below..check them out on Instagram!



Host: Andrea Godfrey Photography | Andrea Godfrey | @andreagodfreyphotography

Host: Stephanie Wood Photography | Stephanie Wood | @stephaniewoodphotography

Venue: Cynthia de Lorenzi | @cdelorenzi

Macrame: Ox & Nag | @ox.and.nag

Calligrapher: Etui & Co. | @etuiandco_

Furniture Rentals/Styling: 3 Sisters El Paso | @threesistersep

Gown Boutique (Savannah’s Gown): Ella Blu | @ellabluep

Long Train Full Lace Gown Designer (Savannah’s Gown): Martina Liana | @martinalianabridal

Model: Savannah Cornejo + Sam (boyfriend) | @nannisee, @svucedup (boyfriend)

Cake: Chantilly | @chantillyep

Makeup: Elyse Simons Beauty | Elyse Simons | @elysesimonsbeauty

Hair Styling: Deshea Exclusive | Heather Deshea Harrison | @desheaexclusive

VW Photo Bus: The Photo Bus El Paso | @thephotobusep

Field Hat: Brixton | Urban Outfitters | @urbanoutfitters

Gold Ear Cuff + Gold Earrings + Gold Floral Hairpieces: Lietofiore | @lietofiore

Geode Ring Box: Naked Gem Studios | @nakedgemstudios

Hillary & Kevin - Couple's Session at Minnewaska State Park

This is the last of the 2017 blog posts!!! I'm officially ALMOST caught up!! These two love birds came to me for their holiday photos and I'm so glad they did! Their outfits were on point, the weather wasn't too horrible and they got such beautiful photos!! I recommend Minnewaska to a lot of my couples! It's a super easy 1 mile walk to the falls and then you drive up to the top of the mountain for the lake photos! You get all the adventure photos without having to risk ruining your hair and makeup with strenuous activity. I hope you enjoy flipping through this session!

Meagan & Brad - Wedding at The Garrison

Meagan and Brad had their wedding in November at The Garrsion. They were super lucky and had a nice sunny day but were also not so lucky an had a FREEZING day. When I tell you my hands were completely frozen...I'm not kidding. It was hella cold but these two were freaking champs.

We started with detail shots throughout The Garrison. We hung her dress in the bridal suite along with her shoes. Some of their details were very fall-esque such as the skeletons(which I adored byyyy the way).

I started the day by taking getting ready shots of Brad. Hasn't he mastered the GQ look? Both Meagan and Brad were one the most relaxed and calm couples I've ever had.

Following Brad's getting ready shots, I took Meagan's getting ready shots. We started with cute bridesmaids shots on the bed and then Meagan got ready for her first look with Brad!

Meagan and Brad had their first look facing the Hudson River and it was perfect.

Meagan and Brad took their bridal portraits down by the pond at The Garrison and the surrounding areas. Because Meagan and Brad did both the engagement and bridal session we were able to get their photos done super quick!

Following the first look we took some bridal party shots and family shots.

Then it was time for the ceremony! Meagan and Brad had a one of a kind ceremony and a beautiful confetti exit.

Afterwards it was time to PAAARRRTTYYYY!


Venue: The Garrison

Hair: Katie Kelly Hair and Makeup

Makeup: Alana Schmidt Makeup




Florist: Tame Florals

Alex & Jess - The Thayer Hotel

Alex and Jess got married on a beautiful October day at The Thayer Hotel in West Point, NY. Jess and many of her family members attended the West Point Military Academy so it was a very special place to the two of them. Their wedding story will also be featured on H&H Weddings soon!

Both Jess and Alex got ready in separate rooms with their ladies. Both rooms were full of laughter and love and everyone's emotions were turned up high. From Jess and her girls doing a pyramid, to Alex and her girls doing a champagne toast, both Alex and Jess had the most beautiful moments with their girls.

Jess and Alex saw each other for the first time at the ceremony. During the ceremony everyone was fighting real hard to hold back the tears. Both Alex and Jess were full of smiles and laughter as well. During the ceremony, right after they were pronounced married, Alex got her lipstick all over Jess' face and everyone in the crowd was laughing.

Following the ceremony, we took some portraits with the Saber girls and the bridal party right by the ceremony area.

Afterwards, just the three of us headed all around campus to take pictures in all the same places we took their engagement pictures. We headed to Trophy Point and dodged three other weddings also taking their portraits and then headed over to the reservoir and took some pictures where it was much more quiet.

Following that, it was time to P-A-R-T-Y!!!




Hair: Celeste Von Damon

Makeup: Jeff Cornett

DJ: The Digital Musicians

Florist: Lily’s of the Valley

Caterer: The Thayer Hotel

Dress Designer: Louvre Couture

Venue: The Thayer Hotel

Invites: Minted


Kelly & Nick - Engagement Session at The High Line

It's fitting that I'm blogging these two love bird's engagement session today because today is their wedding day! The three of us walked the High Line and stopped along the way to grab some beautiful shots. The entire time dodging about a billion tourists. Something that's always hilarious about photographing in New York City is that there is always a million people getting in your shot. They'll either stop and stare at what you're doing while simultaneously getting directly in the shot or they'll purposely walk super slow through the shot. Also EVERYONE stops to say's actually super sweet. Following the High Line, we walked down to the water to get some super awesome sunset shots and some more pictures with the skyline. Today these two beautiful souls get married at Crabtree's Kittle House on CINCO DE MAYO!!!! Let the party begin!