Sara & Kev's Proposal - Breckenridge, CO

GET READY FOR THIS ONE. This girl right here is my travel partner. The funniest part is we only live two hours away from each other but we only hang out in other parts of the country like Colorado and Hawaii..😂Sara, Jeff and I spent the first half of our Colorado trip together. About 500 times Sara was talking about her proposal and how she didn’t know when it was going to happen. Little did Sara know Kev had reached out to me about two weeks prior and told me he was going to propose. I was so pumped when he told me and I knew the perfect place for it. It was SO HARD keeping my mouth shut. Every single night we went to bed Jeff and I would hysterical laugh because she had no idea what was coming. During our last little photo outing Sara had whispered in Jeff’s ear a prompt. Once it was my turn I whispered in Kev’s ear a prompt but little did Sara know she was about to get proposed to. It was magical…I cried like a lunatic. We got the the top of the mountain and I saw the mountain goats I had been waiting for AND TWO MOOSE right after! SUCH a magical day! NOT TO MENTION during the shoot we were up so high that the clouds were passing by us the whole time. It was so perfect.❤️️

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