Laura & Ben - Winter Engagement Session at Minnewaska State Park

Laura and Ben chose to have a winter engagement session at Minnewaska State Park. Laura had let me know that she had wanted to have an engagement session in the snow. When I saw the snow storm was coming I immediately emailed Laura and luckily she was available. If you know anything about the winter the Hudson Valley has been having…there’s not very much snow this year. And if we do get it…there’s random 60 degree days in the middle of winter. I only slipped and almost broke a bone once. However if you count the times I almost was about 100 times.

Krista & Erwin - Wedding at The Briarcliff Manor

These two sweetie pies got married in October at The Briarcliff Manor. They were one of the 45 couples I photographed in October! October is always my busiest month and it’s INSANE how many love birds I meet in a mere 31 days. If you’re looking to get married in October or do photos in October…make sure you book your photographer WAY IN ADVANCE.

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Things to Consider When Planning Your Getting Ready Photos

What to Consider When Planning Your Getting Ready Photos:

Get an Airbnb instead of a Hotel:

There are so many reasons to get an Airbnb instead of a hotel. The first reason is you’ll feel less crammed. They’re a lot easier to keep clean because there are multiple rooms to put your stuff and you can keep one room dedicated to getting changed in. The lighting on an Airbnb is typically better as well. You’ll have a lot more windows providing you with light which will provide a more natural and crisp photo. Another reason you may want to get an Airbnb is that you know by looking at the listing photos exactly what the light is in each room and you know exactly what the house/apartment will look like. With a hotel you never known if you’re going to get a broken lamp, dent in the wall, etc.

Make sure the room you’re getting changed in is clean:

Whether you have an Airbnb or hotel make sure the room is CLEAN. It will totally kill you later she you see that random flip flop on the floor or that Starbucks cup on the side table. 

Make sure there’s natural light:

Every person wants beautiful photos of them getting ready, right? You’re not going to get that with lights from lamps.. SO this one is a short one. Natural light = Pretty Pictures.


Hair & Makeup:

If you’re getting a blow out or loose curls leave your hair in the pins you’re given. It may look ugly for some of the getting ready photos but you will be SO SAD when your hair falls before the ceremony. 

Make Sure All of Your Vendors Are On The Same Timeline:

There’s many ways you can make sure this happens. The easiest way is definitely to hire a planner or month of coordinator. If you are planning your own wedding and timeline the first thing you want to look at is the time the sun is setting that day and work backwards from there. You can always ask your photographer or venue coordinator to help you! Once you have your schedule set, make sure you confirm it with all the vendors. Hair and Makeup will tell you what time they need to be done by and when you need to start getting ready and the photographer will tell you when to take all the photos, the caterer will tell you what to eat and when, and your DJ will tell you when to dance and when to party! But the number one thing you want to do when you get your timeline set is send it to everyone and confirm that the times work for them!

Wedding Details:

Ask Your Photographer If They Have Styling Tools:

If you would like a flat lay photo of your details be sure to ask your photographer if that’s something they provide or if you’re responsible for putting it together. Some photographers, like myself, keep a styling kit on hand. In my styling kit I have a flat lay board, ribbons, stamps, etc. If that’s a photo you want - be sure to ask!


Things You May Want To Consider Having in Your Detail Photos:

Something old, something new, something borrowed. You’ll also of course have your dress and shoes. Make sure to get a hanger! Wooden hangers are super cheap on amazon! Get one…you won’t regret it! You also may want to consider having your perfume handy, any jewelry, your rings, and anything that may be special to you on your big day!

Have Your Details Set Aside BEFORE You Start Getting Ready:

The last thing you want when you’re busy getting ready is to have to stop getting ready to go around and find your details for your photographer when they arrive. The easy way to avoid that is to have it all ready to go before your photographer even gets there.


Sara & Kev's Proposal - Breckenridge, CO

GET READY FOR THIS ONE. This girl right here is my travel partner. The funniest part is we only live two hours away from each other but we only hang out in other parts of the country like Colorado and Hawaii..😂Sara, Jeff and I spent the first half of our Colorado trip together. About 500 times Sara was talking about her proposal and how she didn’t know when it was going to happen. Little did Sara know Kev had reached out to me about two weeks prior and told me he was going to propose. I was so pumped when he told me and I knew the perfect place for it. It was SO HARD keeping my mouth shut. Every single night we went to bed Jeff and I would hysterical laugh because she had no idea what was coming. During our last little photo outing Sara had whispered in Jeff’s ear a prompt. Once it was my turn I whispered in Kev’s ear a prompt but little did Sara know she was about to get proposed to. It was magical…I cried like a lunatic. We got the the top of the mountain and I saw the mountain goats I had been waiting for AND TWO MOOSE right after! SUCH a magical day! NOT TO MENTION during the shoot we were up so high that the clouds were passing by us the whole time. It was so perfect.❤️️

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Danielle & Kyle - Styled Elopement in Breckenridge, CO

Danielle & Kyle were our lovely models for a styled shootout in Breckenridge, Colorado. Aka my favorite place in the entire world. Back in March I got together with Wedding Travelers Co. in New Mexico for their styled out and let me tell you these two bad ass bitches that run it are some great people. I love Andrea & Steph so much that I have gone to every one of their events LOL. If you know know I LOVE animals. A little too much some may say….So OBVIOUSLY I was freaking PUMPED when I heard we were going to take photos with alpacas and llamas. Not so pumped when I remembered I am allergic to said alpacas and llamas. My nose was practically trying to jump off my face. But the views were so dang epic that it was well worth it! Have fun browsing!

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Host: Wedding Travelers Co.
HMUA: Some Claudia Girl
Florist: Wandering Poppy Co.
Cheese Board: Red Maple Run
Rentals: Wallflowers Rental
Earring Rental: A&Be Denver
Earring Designer: Emma Katzka Bridal
Gown Rental: A&Be Denver
Gown Designer: Rue De Seine
Veil Rental: A&Be Denver
Veil Designer: Sara Gabriel Veils
Invitation Suite: Dash Wood Shop
Festival Tent: Wedding Travelers Co.
Alpaca + Llama: Red Fox Alpaca Ranch

Danielle & Ryan - Elopement Styled Shoot at Kaena Point

I got to meet these two love birds in Hawaii at The Heart Workshop! When I say it rained….IT POURED during this session. Out of nowhere it just poured and these two got soaked. What did they do? They danced in the rain! This is what you do people! Look how beautiful it looks! I hope you enjoy scrolling!

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Dress: Made with Love Bridal

Florals: Ocean Dreamers

Kim & Edwin - Wedding at Patriot Hills Golf Club

Kim and Edwin are the two most adorable people. They have been together since they were practically children and fit each other so well. It was so much fun watching them go through all the stages of the wedding day. Being anxious to see each other, beautifully emotional during the first look, super excited during the ceremony and full of laughs, and then being freaking pumped to be married and living it up during the reception. Kim and Edwin are also perfect examples of what you do if it’s going to rain on your wedding day. If it’s going to rain you first buy umbrellas and then you DO NOT CHECK THE WEATHER. DON’T TALK ABOUT IT. Don’t think about it. Nothing. And you just need to think of it as “Okay, no big deal. It may rain. We have umbrellas. We CAN take photos with umbrellas.” What did it do for them? It stopped for the perfect amount of time for them to take photos. It then started up again so we ran inside for a bit and as soon as it stopped we ran out and banged all the photos out as fast as we could. Look at how beautiful their photos are!

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Venue: Patriot Hills Golf Club


Hair: Katie Kelly Hair + Makeup

Makeup Artist:


Monica & Sean - Intimate Wedding at Sapphire Point Overlook

Monica and Sean got married in their favorite state, Colorado. There was a massive storm coming but it held out for the two of them the whole day. When they were saying their vows you could see the rain across the lake! MORE IMPORTANTLY(jk kind of) I SAW MEEEEEESE! When Monica was getting ready one of the bridesmaids casually goes “Is that a moose outside?” I ran outside as quickly as possible bare foot because obviously I had to get a picture of them and HOLY CRAP are they HUUUUGE! They more just looked at me like they were so mad I interrupted their snack on the trees but all I wanted to do was hug them.

Monica and Sean had a beautiful intimate wedding with their closest friends and family and the beautiful views of Breckenridge. If you have never been…I highly recommend it. The views look like a painting. Afterwards they had a nice intimate dinner at Mi Casa…which I also recommend. The night ended with a hotel hang out, live music, dancing, and laughter with their closest friends and family.

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What Are Bridal Sessions and Why Should You Do One? - Demi & Vince - Bridal Session at Minnewaska State Park

I so frequently get the question..."what exactly is a bridal session?" So let me first describe the process of bridal portraits on the wedding day.

Bridal portraits on the wedding day:

On the wedding day you have two options - first look or no first look? Either way you only have a small window of time to take your photos. On the wedding day you're dealing with bridesmaid malfunctions or groomsmen being late. Or maybe you just don't feel 100% from the lack of sleep. When we take your bridal portraits, there is a time constraint. You have to be somewhere at a certain time and your guests are relying on you to party. This is why bridal sessions are so important!! I'll elaborate below.

Bridal Session on a separate day:

You know when you see those beautiful wedding photos on the top of a mountain? Or a couple running through some sand dunes? Or in the waves of the ocean? 80% of the time that was NOT their wedding day! It's a bridal session! We bring a bottle of champagne, pick a dope ass spot and make some magic! This all occurs without the hassle of having to stick to a schedule or listen to a million people calling your name. 

Misconceptions about the wedding day:

"omg but everyone is going to see my dress before the big day and it's going to ruin my wedding day!"

FALSE. Bridal sessions aren't even shared before the wedding day unless you give me permission to or unless you post them! Also- you've already shown all your friends your dress and your partner has DEFINITELY seen it hanging in the closet. If you don't want anyone seeing your dress, you don't have to wear your dress! Get a white dress!

"A bridal session will make my wedding photos less important."

FALSE. NOTHING and I mean NOTHING can replace your wedding day photos. The excitement on your faces is like nothing else and you can't possibly replace that feeling. A bridal session is just meant to accent your wedding photos, not replace them.

"I'm not even going to use the bridal session photos."

You can hang your bridal session photos at the wedding, use them as table numbers, make a book for your guest book and you can use them for your thank you cards!

Take a look at Demi & Vince's bridal session and see for yourself!