Things to Consider When Planning Your Getting Ready Photos

What to Consider When Planning Your Getting Ready Photos:

Get an Airbnb instead of a Hotel:

There are so many reasons to get an Airbnb instead of a hotel. The first reason is you’ll feel less crammed. They’re a lot easier to keep clean because there are multiple rooms to put your stuff and you can keep one room dedicated to getting changed in. The lighting on an Airbnb is typically better as well. You’ll have a lot more windows providing you with light which will provide a more natural and crisp photo. Another reason you may want to get an Airbnb is that you know by looking at the listing photos exactly what the light is in each room and you know exactly what the house/apartment will look like. With a hotel you never known if you’re going to get a broken lamp, dent in the wall, etc.

Make sure the room you’re getting changed in is clean:

Whether you have an Airbnb or hotel make sure the room is CLEAN. It will totally kill you later she you see that random flip flop on the floor or that Starbucks cup on the side table. 

Make sure there’s natural light:

Every person wants beautiful photos of them getting ready, right? You’re not going to get that with lights from lamps.. SO this one is a short one. Natural light = Pretty Pictures.


Hair & Makeup:

If you’re getting a blow out or loose curls leave your hair in the pins you’re given. It may look ugly for some of the getting ready photos but you will be SO SAD when your hair falls before the ceremony. 

Make Sure All of Your Vendors Are On The Same Timeline:

There’s many ways you can make sure this happens. The easiest way is definitely to hire a planner or month of coordinator. If you are planning your own wedding and timeline the first thing you want to look at is the time the sun is setting that day and work backwards from there. You can always ask your photographer or venue coordinator to help you! Once you have your schedule set, make sure you confirm it with all the vendors. Hair and Makeup will tell you what time they need to be done by and when you need to start getting ready and the photographer will tell you when to take all the photos, the caterer will tell you what to eat and when, and your DJ will tell you when to dance and when to party! But the number one thing you want to do when you get your timeline set is send it to everyone and confirm that the times work for them!

Wedding Details:

Ask Your Photographer If They Have Styling Tools:

If you would like a flat lay photo of your details be sure to ask your photographer if that’s something they provide or if you’re responsible for putting it together. Some photographers, like myself, keep a styling kit on hand. In my styling kit I have a flat lay board, ribbons, stamps, etc. If that’s a photo you want - be sure to ask!


Things You May Want To Consider Having in Your Detail Photos:

Something old, something new, something borrowed. You’ll also of course have your dress and shoes. Make sure to get a hanger! Wooden hangers are super cheap on amazon! Get one…you won’t regret it! You also may want to consider having your perfume handy, any jewelry, your rings, and anything that may be special to you on your big day!

Have Your Details Set Aside BEFORE You Start Getting Ready:

The last thing you want when you’re busy getting ready is to have to stop getting ready to go around and find your details for your photographer when they arrive. The easy way to avoid that is to have it all ready to go before your photographer even gets there.