Cassandra & Kellan - Briarcliff Manor

Cassandra and Kellan got married at The Briarcliff Manor. Their love story was just featured on H&H Weddings! How did they meet? You can read all about it on the post on H&H Weddings. Here's a little blip off the site!

"We met in Indiana doing one of the things we love, playing rugby. Cass, after almost a year hiatus from the sport, decided to come back to it while Kel was enjoying another usual Saturday playing their sport of choice. Both of us were not expecting much for that day except to have fun. Cass was set to leave Indiana to move to Boston, Massachusetts in 3 months, however, she met a charming and wonderful Kel on that day. After the game, she asked for his phone number and the next weekend was our first date. Every weekend after that one was filled with us visiting each other until the day came when Cass was Boston-bound. Kel helped Cass pack up her apartment and drove the truck from Indiana to Boston. The next year was difficult, filled with changes, late-night FaceTiming, and accruing A LOT of frequent flyer miles, however, we made it work. After a year of being apart, we packed up and were ready move in together in Brooklyn, New York, but first had to make a stop in Boston to help Cass pack up...again (moving has become a team sport, with Kel being an excellent packer and Cass doing an amazing job unpacking). It was a tough road getting to that point, but it was worth it in the end."

Enjoy flipping through their wedding!!