Maura & Ryan - Engagement Session in New York City

Photographing Maura and Ryan was so much fun! We walked around the city and laughed and joked. We got coffee after..if you know me, that's true love right there. We got to get cute pictures with seasonal Starbucks cups. We got to stalk tourists as they took walking tours through the city guessing which apartment was Monica and Rachel's. We dodged cars as we took cute walking pictures across the street. By the end of their engagement session we were total besties. It was love at first latte! Stay tuned for these love birds' wedding in September 2019!

Alex & Jess - The Thayer Hotel

Alex and Jess got married on a beautiful October day at The Thayer Hotel in West Point, NY. Jess and many of her family members attended the West Point Military Academy so it was a very special place to the two of them. Their wedding story will also be featured on H&H Weddings soon!

Both Jess and Alex got ready in separate rooms with their ladies. Both rooms were full of laughter and love and everyone's emotions were turned up high. From Jess and her girls doing a pyramid, to Alex and her girls doing a champagne toast, both Alex and Jess had the most beautiful moments with their girls.

Jess and Alex saw each other for the first time at the ceremony. During the ceremony everyone was fighting real hard to hold back the tears. Both Alex and Jess were full of smiles and laughter as well. During the ceremony, right after they were pronounced married, Alex got her lipstick all over Jess' face and everyone in the crowd was laughing.

Following the ceremony, we took some portraits with the Saber girls and the bridal party right by the ceremony area.

Afterwards, just the three of us headed all around campus to take pictures in all the same places we took their engagement pictures. We headed to Trophy Point and dodged three other weddings also taking their portraits and then headed over to the reservoir and took some pictures where it was much more quiet.

Following that, it was time to P-A-R-T-Y!!!




Hair: Celeste Von Damon

Makeup: Jeff Cornett

DJ: The Digital Musicians

Florist: Lily’s of the Valley

Caterer: The Thayer Hotel

Dress Designer: Louvre Couture

Venue: The Thayer Hotel

Invites: Minted


Kelly & Nick - Engagement Session at The High Line

It's fitting that I'm blogging these two love bird's engagement session today because today is their wedding day! The three of us walked the High Line and stopped along the way to grab some beautiful shots. The entire time dodging about a billion tourists. Something that's always hilarious about photographing in New York City is that there is always a million people getting in your shot. They'll either stop and stare at what you're doing while simultaneously getting directly in the shot or they'll purposely walk super slow through the shot. Also EVERYONE stops to say's actually super sweet. Following the High Line, we walked down to the water to get some super awesome sunset shots and some more pictures with the skyline. Today these two beautiful souls get married at Crabtree's Kittle House on CINCO DE MAYO!!!! Let the party begin!

Lilly & Mike - Engagement Session at WillsWay Equestrian

Lilly & Mike had their engagement shoot where their wedding will be held. During their engagement shoot we got to hang out with Lilly's awesome horse. I got to pet a dog and a lot of horses. I meaaannnnnn...can you get any better than that??

Meagan & Brad - Engagement Session at Stonecrop Gardens

Meagan and Brad chose to have their engagement session at Stonecrop Gardens. Stonecrop is one of my favorite locations! You have everything from greenhouses to cool architecture to beautiful gardens. During their engagement session, we were completely surrounded with beautiful butterflies! It truly was a beautiful day!

Erika & Pasquale - Red Maple Vineyard

Erika and Pasquale got married on a super hot, out of the ordinary, day in September at Red Maple Vineyard. These two lovebirds were all smiles and had the most infectious smiles that effected everyone around them.

Afterwards, Erika and Pasquale had a sweet first look in between the grape vines that was one for the books.

For their bridal portraits we went and saw ALL the animals that Red Maple has to offer. It was kiiiiind of super amazing.

Their ceremony was at the top of the hill with the view of the valley.

Following the ceremony it was time to party!

After the cake cutting, there was a beautiful firework show for the couple and all of their guests.


Venue : Red Maple Vineyard

Sam & Ash - Masker Orchards

This one is super exciting for me because I am counting down the days until it's fall again!! Sam and Ash took their engagement pictures at Masker Orchards where Ash works! We had the entire Orchard to ourselves, it was so magical. Take a look!

Brittany & Garrett - CV Rich Mansion

Brittany and Garrett got married at CV Rich Mansion. As you may remember, Kelly and Joey also got married there. Brittany and Kelly are lifelong BFFS! These two have been besties practically since birth. So it was no surprise that they got married at the same location, just a few months apart from each other. Brittany and Kelly not only managed one DIY wedding, they managed two! I hope you'll enjoy flipping through as much as I enjoyed photographing!

First, I took Brittany's details all around the grounds of CV Rich. Fun fact: All of Brittany's details, besides her dress and shoes, were her late Grandmother's.

Brittany got ready in the bridal suite upstairs, while Garrett got ready in the library downstairs.

They had their ceremony at a nearby church in White Plains.

Brittany and Garrett took some of their bridal portraits at a nearby courtyard. The courtyard was completely brick, brick that was installed by her Grandfather!

Afterwards, we headed to CV Rich to take their Bridal Party and the rest of the Bridal Portraits.

Following that it was time to party!


Dress: Oleg Cassini
Shoes: Madewell
Makeup: Giulia Martin
Jewelry: Grandmother's Vintage Pearls
Stole: Grandmother's
Purse: Grandmother's
Bridesmaids dresses: Bill Levkoff
Tuxedos: JCrew
Cake: Lulu Cake Boutique
Venue: CV Rich Mansion



Kaity's Maternity

This maternity shoot was special's my sister! Since this blog post is technically from 2017 we now have a super adorable baby girl in the family named Kira! Take a look at Kaity's maternity session! I'm sure you'll enjoy it just as much as I did!

Brittany & Garrett - The Roundhouse

Brittany and Garrett opted for a more urban vibe for their engagement shoot and I'm so glad they did. We shot at The Roundhouse in Beacon, NY. You can't even tell from their beautiful faces that it was about a billion degrees outside. Brittany and Garrett had a few outfit choices for some different looks during their engagement shoot! Want to read more about different vibes you can get during your engagement shoot? Head on over to my blog post, "What to Wear to Your Engagement Session!" My favorite part of engagement shoots? Getting you guys to twirl and dance! I now play music during my engagement shoots so you can really get into it!